Neo Itilo

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Neo Itilo

Once upon a time there was a small village called “Tsipa” in the region of Eastern Mani. Due to its' position, next to the sea in a small gulf, ships used to bring many goods for supplies. Tsipa was a large market place then where people visited it for shopping.

Nowadays there is nothing to remind us the big mercal centre of Mani. Today Neo Itilo (its' new name) is a small fishing village which combines amazing sea view and spectacular mountain view.

Tourists can enjoy the wild beauty of Mani and its' archeological places, taste traditional food in small picturesque taverns near to the sea or visit the villages up in the mountain and have delicious dinner in the local restaurants. It is only a 3,5 hour drive from Athens.


You have picked the perfect starting point for visiting and enjoying the beauties of Mani.

Let’s start our tour in picturesque Limeni, located only 2 km away and renowned for its emerald-coloured sea and as the birthplace and seat of the Greek revolutionary leader Petrobey Mavromichalis.

Climb the nearby mountain and visit the village of Oitylo, which has been around since Homeric times.  Before entering the village, be sure to take the time to enjoy the view from above of its stone tower-shaped homes and buildings.  The stunning Diros Caves -among the most impressive of their kind in the world- are only a 15 minute drive away.  You can do your morning shopping and enjoy evening strolls along the stone street of Areopoli (7 km), lined with traditional stone houses.  Enjoy a drink in one of the lively stone bars.

If you are in the mood for a day-long excursion, visit Cape Tainaron (also known as Cape Matapan), which marks the southernmost point of continental Europe.  On the way, you will pass through the stunning village of Marmari as well as the notable town of Vatheia. The seaside villages of Gerolimena and Kotronas, are not to be missed.  Only 30 minutes away is the picturesque town of Gytheion, with its harbor-front fish taverns , beautiful beaches the ancient theatre and the island “Kranai”.  You can also plan trips to the awe-inspiring old town of Monemvasia as well as lovely Kardamyle with its natural harbours.  Mani’s villages and beaches, with their untamed beauty, are too numerous to take in and appreciated with only one visit to the area, so make sure to visit us again soon!

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Driving Directions

From Athens

From Athens through the national highway Korinthos-Tripoli - Kalamata following the signs to Sparti . Before Sparti follow the signs to Githio and Areopoli.
Before arriving to Areopolis you will follow the signs to Neo Oitilo. You will find Elezar Apartments behind the tavern "Black Pirate".
The total distance is about 290km and the duration of the trip will last about 3,5 hours.

From Kalamata

From Kalamata through Kardamili the trip lasts about 1.5 hours, almost 75km.