Your safety always on priority!

With the outbreak of Covid-19 we are experiencing a situation which is unprecedented for all of us. Our main concern must be personal hygiene and the protection of public health.


At Elezar apartments we continue to clean as meticulously as we always have, something for which our customers have always congratulated us.
In addition, we now follow the protocols for hygiene and cleanliness dictated by the Greek government with EODY. Any member of staff entering the apartments is fully trained to follow these instructions. They will always wear special clothing, gloves and a mask. After each departure the apartments will be cleaned and disinfected as specified by the protocols of public health. A disinfectant hand liquid dispenser has been installed at the main entrance of the building. Customers are advised to disinfect their hands before entering. Antiseptic hand liquid has also been installed in each apartment.
Do not forget that the safest protective measure is to wash our hands when entering the apartment with soap and water for 20".

Arrival and departure

Our arrival and departure policy should be adhered to faithfully by our customers. Departure will be strictly at 11:00 and arrival after 16:00.

New cancellation policy

Due to these exceptional circumstances due to Covid - 19 we inform you that cancellation is free. Or if you wish you can receive a voucher for your next reservation, valid for 18 months. If you request the return of your deposit, this will be done within 30 days of the date of cancellation of the reservation.

By sticking to the rules, we can stay safe and healthy even on holiday!

Wash your hands
Protect yourself and others from getting sick
Protect others from getting sick

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